Ishaan Cheema

I recently took a risk. 

A risk that forced me to step farther outside my comfort zone than I ever have before. 

A risk that challenged me to reshape how I view challenges. 

A risk that has defined who I want to be. 

I took the risk of writing. 

I chose to start writing more frequently as a method of expression. However, never in my life have I described myself as an outstanding writer, quite the opposite actually with language arts being one of my worst subjects throughout school.  I always felt I had thoughts to share, but I lacked in the ability to put those thoughts on paper. After years of running away from the challenge, I took a leap of faith by applying for an internship over seas in Journalism, Media and Publishing. To be honest, I was terrified. Despite knowing that this was something I wanted to pursue, I was afraid the outcome would be no different than before. But it wasn't! Yes I made mistakes during that internship, many mistakes. At the end of the day the thought of "I'm better than I was yesterday" kept me going. This page is not only intended to share some of my work with you, but if you find yourself in a similar position in life, I hope that reading this pushes you to pursue passions that you have held back on. 

As cliche as this may sound, the outcome of taking a risk does not define you, whether or not you took it, is what does.