Friends Growing Apart

A part of loving is learning to let go

But letting go does not mean losing love

And that is what hurt me most 

I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss you

But our journey was a one-way street 

No matter how much I wish, we can’t go back

Laughs I wanted to share with you, would initially hurt me

The instinct to text you at every turn, still hurts me 

The pain that I want you to console, will always hurt me

Despite all this, here I am... 

Standing still...

Yet somehow drifting away from you


By: Ishaan Cheema

“Sometimes the people we love and cherish can grow apart from us, no matter how much we treasure them. Understand that permanence is not promised. Do not waste the opportunities you have to love those around you. The pain we feel when people move on, is healed by knowing we gave them everything we once had to offer”