Growing Up Too Fast

It was not meant to be a race

The end should never have been the goal 

It is merely an outcome, to which we all eventually arrive 

There were times when sharing candy was our toughest problem 

Times when giving mom flowers from our garden was the grandest of gestures

Times when cartoons held all our attention for as long as we let them 

Despite this, we chose to grow up so fast

We rushed to run when we could barely crawl, 

We rushed to solve when we could barely think,

We rushed to love when we could barely feel pain. 

Yet, we find ourselves here, reminiscing over what once was. 

Imagine if every new chapter was fixated on the last,

What would control the future, the present or the past? 

By: Ishaan Cheema 

“Some days will definitely be harder than others, but they will all one day become memories. Don’t take tomorrow for granted; today is worth living to the fullest, regardless of what it entails”