Losing A Loved One

I realise that this is the first time, in a long time, that we’ve been apart

Knowing how quickly it all ended, I’d use all three wishes to restart. 

You’ve given me a purpose over the years 

Helped me overcome my fears 

And left me with this assortment of souvenirs 

Your favourite watch will accompany me as I step out into the world without you 

I know you look over me from above, hope you are enjoying the view

Don’t let the smile on my face fool you

I’ve never felt a heavier heart and emotions so true

The laughs we have shared keep flashing in my head

All while the pillows absorb the tears on my bed

Not knowing if you knew how much I loved you, will always haunt me

I’ll remember the afternoons you spent telling me stories under our tree. 

If only I had told you one more time, maybe I wouldn’t feel this way 

If only you had heard what I wanted to say...

Maybe you would still be here. 

By: Ishaan Cheema

“I love you all ♥️”