Running Into You After Years

Despite all the years apart, you still stand out among the crowd 

My eyes remember how to find their way to you 

So quickly that my heart skips a beat when I see you

While I catch my breath, everything around you becomes a blur

Midst the blur, memories I buried surface

Memories of us... 

Sitting on a park bench laughing 

Holding hands while we waited for the bus

Memories of us... 

Calling all night long from our beds

Talking with our eyes in a room full of people 

Memories of us... 

Looking at beautiful homes we would one-day buy together 

Running to hug one another, even after only moments of separation...

Despite the memories continuing to pour.

Among the crowd, your partner and children emerge with you

We lock eyes, like the first time we met

As we walk past one another, I see the well of happiness in your heart

I just wish I could have been the one to fill that well 

By: Ishaan Cheema