Struggling to Let Go

They said I’ll have these memories forever

Memories that were created staying up late at night 

All these years later, they still keep me up under the moonlight


I wouldn’t have created them if I knew one day they’d hurt me like this

I didn’t create them alone

So why does it feel like I am bearing the burden of them on my own


The way I feel isn’t your fault, nor is it mine

Then who do I blame? Who do I call for help?

There used to be “us”, but now I don’t even feel in touch with myself.  


Loving you is not a choice I made, 

Loving you is not a choice I regret, 

If I had a choice, I would stop loving you. 

Because you’ve moved on, but for some reason I can’t. 


“Perhaps in another life we’ll meet again” 

Is what I say to fall asleep at night

Just wish my grip on our memories wasn’t so tight 

By: Ishaan Cheema