The Paradox of Love

I once read this book that said “the only thing we chase, earn, and die with are memories”. 

If that is true, I may be the wealthiest man alive because the time we spent together was essentially priceless. 

That being said, 

I later saw a young girl cradling a puppy, praying that the two would spend their entire lives together. 

Let's be honest, had you and I been granted a lifetime with one another, it still wouldn’t have been enough. 

In other words...

Even though our limited time was invaluable… had it been an eternity, I would have still been craving for more. 

Quite the paradox isn’t it?

Truth is...

You were made to be loved and I was made to make you feel it. 

Time would have never been on our side.

By: Ishaan Cheema