We Are All Human 

“There are people who don’t have money to pay their bills”

“Somewhere people are going to sleep starving” 

“And you are letting this upset you…”

Does my privilege make me less human? 

Granted I have been handed a life worth being grateful for

And not a day goes by when I don’t count my blessings


But I still cry like you, 

I bleed like you, 

I feel pain like you

Yet I am expected to go through life ignoring the feelings and emotions WE all have, 

Just because I have something you might not have. 

By: Ishaan Cheema

"The circumstances we find ourselves in life, much like the emotions we feel, are not always by choice. Anyone can be affected by pain, grief, anxiety, depression, etc. Suppressing these emotions by focusing on "well at least..." statements is not the solution."